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Votility is a web based, advocacy platform giving the American vote a sustainable, measureable, actionable tool with which to make constituent voices heard in Washington DC and around the country.

You want to take control from Washington and give it back to the Home District?   Votility is the answer.

With Votility, you can stop spending hours searching the Internet for current legislation and voting records. All in one place, now you can easily monitor bills that are coming to a vote and join with other voters to let your voices be heard--every day, in real time.

Votility helps members monitor every vote on every bill that’s in their account and provides members with easily accessible, understandable and unbiased summaries of ones that interest them. Members follow the progress of those bills and drive their opinions and messages directly to their representatives - receiving immediate district, state and national voting results.

Votility is the ultimate resource for keeping track of, and taking action on, what’s happening in Congress and how it will impact you and the country.

  • Get Informed
: Learn unbiased, non-partisan information on Congressional bills and the legislative process.
  • Take Action
: Vote and comment on bills and communicate your views with your representatives.
  • See Results
: Through vote tracking and data summaries, you finally know if your views are being represented!

"I am so glad I was informed about Votility! I would otherwise only be in contact with my Senate, and Congressional representatives by phone, and not knowing most of the bills that are currently being considered. Thank You Votility for the great job you are doing, and by all means keep up the good work!"
Kevin O. Dallas, TX 

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