When Arkansas Learns, Arkansas Earns

Welcome to the private sector voice of employers, parents and citizens dedicated to excellent education options for all students, no matter their culture, economic statuts, or ZIP Code.

Public school districts are the largest local government entities in Arkansas, generally dwarfing their respective city and county budgets. And yet, school board and millage elections are held on an obscure date in September and generally decided by hundreds, if not tens of votes.

This self-interested system has enabled incumbent school board members, administrators, and teacher unions to drive local and state education policy, while disenfranchsing parents (public, private, home school), employers, non-union teachers, employers, and citizen property taxpayers.

Arkansas Learns empowers members to assert individual and collective leadership to ensure excellent education options for all students. Members may take action by tracking state bills and local issues, sharing with state and local elected and appointed officials how they would like them to vote on those issues, and holding those officials accountable for their actions.

You are our children's best advocate. Register today, and put students first in Arkansas education. Because...

When Arkansas Learns, Arkansas Earns